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Colance - Connect, collaborate, create.

"Colance" is the first-ever network of its kind. Colance is a platform that enables talented individuals to work together on client projects. Colance is a network of designer, programmers, writers, videographers, and more.

What is "Colancing™"?

Colancing™ (aka co-lancing) is the evolution of freelancing. It is a new method of bringing talented free agents of the world together into a collaborative forum that promotes a new level of creativity. Colancing™ is a philosophy of collaboration, and a way of work.

I'm a freelancer, how do I become a "Colancer™"?

We believe that freelancing is a dead end road for truly talented individuals (learn more about what we think at Freelance is Dead). Stop freelancing, start collaborating! By joining Pomegranate's "colancer" network (sign up here), you will become part of one of the fastest growing creative talent networks in the world. And this network is not your run of the mill database of designers - no, this network is structured to promote collaboration on exciting challenges presented to us by our clients. No one in our network operates alone. We form into Pods based on skill, region, focus, interests and more. As a member of our network, you will be given exclusive access to these opportunities to grow your career through so much more than hourly wages.

I'm a client, what does this mean for me?

Did you know that 4 out of the top 10 brands of the world rely on Pomegranate for digital creative and digital marketing? In fact, 8 out of the top 20 brands of the world rely on us for such mission-critical needs. As a client of Pomegranate, you will be given access to some of the most creative and experienced talent in the world. Only through Pomegranate can you have vast enterprise scalability of creative services and marketing. This is because we are the first and only collaborative Network Agency ™ (learn more here). We work with enterprise companies and well-funded startups - both organizations that require dynamic teams to change in size as the business needs evolve.

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